Log Home Restoration

Northern White Cedar


 We build with Northern White Cedar in part because it naturally produces preservatives that make it one of the most decay and rot resistant of all woods, as well as insect tolerant.  Many of the older log homes in Oklahoma are built with a less tolerent wood.



Based on the needs of your home, we offer:
*power washing, media blasting,
and chemical stripping.
*Chinking and Caulking repair.
*Some wood species, in particular yellow pine are less resistant to rot than others. A borate and mildew treatment may also be advised for you. 

Log Repair


The decision for whole log or 1/2 log (siding) replacement is made primarily by the depth of the rot into your log. 



DavLaur Coatings offers a premium line of environmentally friendly coatings and stains.  Led by the flagship product, Wet Wood Stain -- a semi-transparent stain for decks, fences, log homes, and siding. Read more at:  http://www.davlaurcoatings.com/Products/

Wet Wood Colors


Sierra Brown, Cedar, Clear UV, Dark Walnut, Western Brown, Driftwood, Woods Brown, & Redwood

Free Consultation within 200 miles


Give us a call to schedule a site visit to assist in determining the needs of your log home. Also, If you're planning on buying a log home already on the market, we will come out and inspect the integrity of the logs for you.

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